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Feature: Edifice Black Label 3D Chronograph

December 16, 2010



Casio has been selling Edifice watches abroad for a while now, but it wasn't until this year that they began selling the Edifice line in the US. The new Edifice Black label collection consists of watches starting at $150 all the way up to $500. The 3D Chronograph has a stainless steel case with black PVD coating, which is both good looking and scratch resistant. It features a dial with a multiple layers, giving it a cool 3 dimensional look. As is typical on Casio/Edifice watches, it features an array of displays and functions, including a chronograph that can read 1/1000th of a second, an alarm function, a date function and a worldtime function.

The watch is powered by a solar panel that allows light to enter through the dial, which then charges and recharges the battery. The watch is extremely accurate, due partly to the fact that quartz is accurate. But what makes it even more accurate than a quartz, is 6 band atomic timekeeping, which means it syncs with the nearest atomic clock via a radio signal once per day (and it will try numerous times throughout the day if the first attempt to sync does not work). You may also sync it manually if needed. You must be within about 1,800 miles of an atomic clock (of the 6 in the world - US, Germany, London, China, Japan x 2) in order to benefit from this feature, but if you cannot, the watch can still be set the via the push-buttons.

The watch finish includes a mixture of polished and brushed surfaces, and overall it looks great, however, the shiny surface of the bezel attracts fingerprints, so you'll need to wipe in down with a microfiber cloth occasionally. The only other caveat, is that with so many functions, it actually comes with an operation manual, which you'll more than likely need to read in order to work certain functions.

Overall, this is a great timepiece, that is extremely accurate, and can measure times with awesome precision (1/1000th of a second). And when you use the chronograph, it looks cool too, check out this video (and you'll see what I mean - the chronograph second hand can sweep the entire dial in one second). It basically works and looks like a foudroyante dial on a mechanical timepiece.

Retail $500

$1,000 or less, Edifice

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