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Porsche Design Indicator Black Version Oceanus 5 Motor Atomic Black Ion Plated Nixon 51-30 Barney's New York Limited Edition Black Dive Watch Oris TT1 Williams F1 PVD Chrono Watch Which watch do you prefer?Oceanus 5 Motor AtomicNixon Barney's New York Oris TT1 Williams F1Porsche Design Indicator free polls

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Oceanus Black 5 Motor Atomic Chrono

Photography by Phil Swanson I just recently received a new Black Ion Plated Oceanus 5 Motor Atomic Chronograph from eWatches. After opening the box I immediately noticed how nice the finish was, it looks even better in person. The entire case and bracelet are treated with an Ion Plated PVD process that improves surface hardness, reduces oxidation and creates a beautiful dark grey to black finish. Another great feature I noticed immediately was the sapphire crystal placement below the bezel. This is sometimes referred to as "armoring" the crystal and greatly reduces the chances of scratching.

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Black IP 5 Motor Atomic Chrono by OCEANUS

[ via Oceanus ] Oceanus has recently introduced the Black Ion Plated Titanium 5 Motor Atomic Solar Chronograph, which allows you to have the precision of atomic timekeeping along with a traditional chronograph movement. These newer models also feature a Tide Indicator function and have a sapphire crystal. This multi-band atomic wristwatch auto receives time calibration signals 6 times per day from the nearest Atomic clock in either the US, UK, Germany or Japan. The watch is 43mm wide and 12mm thick and it has a black treatment on the bracelet and case. I currently have one on backorder that should be arriving at the beginning of Novemeber. The price is $900 and it appears to be worth every penny.

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