The URWERK UR-105M “Iron Knight” And “Black Knight”

April 24, 2014 | URWERK

The URWERK UR-105M “Iron Knight” And “Black Knight”

URWERK has just announced the UR-105M, a watch that uses four forged-aluminum satellites that slowly orbit the dial to indicate the time. It is available in two versions: the “Iron Knight” and the “Black Knight.” The first has a titanium case and steel bezel, and the second has a titanium case with black AITin-treated (aluminium titanium nitride) steel bezel. A darkened oversized crown at 12 o’clock controls the winding and time setting.


Watchmaking: URWERK EMC (Electro Mechanical Control)

August 28, 2013 | URWERK, Watchmaking

Watchmaking: URWERK EMC (Electro Mechanical Control)

Today, URWERK unveiled “the world’s first precision mechanical watch in which the timing can be both monitored and adjusted by the user to suit their lifestyle.” The Electro Mechanical Control (EMC) movement was designed over the course of 6 years, with the goal to improve accuracy and precision. Their goal was achieved with a special balance and barrels. The balance wheel is made from ARCAP, which is a non-magnetic, corrosion resistant alloy of copper and nickel. The geometry of the balance wheel maximizes the aerodynamics and minimizes loss over time. It beats at 4 Hz and is powered by dual barrels that are vertically mounted on a single shaft. The result, is an 80-hour power reserve with consistent power delivery.


The Urwerk UR-210 Maltese Falcon, With World's First Winding Efficiency Indicator

September 13, 2012 | URWERK


The Urwerk UR-210, aka Maltese Falcon, with a world's first winding efficiency indicator.

In the upper right quadrant of the dial, the Urwerk UR-210 has a traditional power reserve indicator. In the upper left quadrant, is the brands new winding efficiency indicator. It indicates to the wearer, the winding efficiency over the last two hours.


First Look: Urwerk UR-110 ZrN Torpedo

October 12, 2011

UR-110 Black_champ-x.jpg

Urwerk has just announced a special Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) edition of their UR-110 Torpedo. The UR-110 ZrN Torpedo is limited to just 12 pieces available exclusively at Chronopassion, Marcus, The Hour Glass and Westime.

The case is made of Grade 5 titanium with a 316L sandblasted stainless steel bezel treated with Zirconium Nitride (47 mm x 51 mm x 16 mm). "ZrN is for Zirconium Nitride: A champagne-coloured high-performance ceramic machine tool coating which, while only a few microns thick, is very hard (2000 Vickers); provides excellent scratch, wear, and corrosion resistance; and exhibits good lubricity and ductility. The ZrN coating is vapour- deposited over the sandblasted steel bezel to provide the timepiece's distinctive frosted pale gold effect."


Urwerk UR-1001 Zeit Device Pocket Watch

August 24, 2011 | URWERK


Today, Urwerk has introduced a modern interpretation of the pocket watch. Not your typical pocket watch though. An ultra complicated pocket watch that keeps track of not only hours, minutes, seconds, day/night, date, month and year - it also displays the century (100 years) and millenium (1,000 years).



January 29, 2011 | URWERK



URWERK recently unveiled their newest timepiece, the UR-110. As usual, the design and case shape have the signature controversial ultra modern design, a genre they invented. Their timepieces generally look like some sort of spaceship, much like the work done at MB&F, and this new timepiece is no different. Beyond the crazy design is a fully functional mechanical timepiece, and to me, that is the real beauty of these watches - how they work that is. And of course, the unique way in which they tell time.