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January 2008

Maurice Lacroix Memoire 1

This is the first mechanical watch in the world to feature a memory function, the Memoire 1. It has a dial with hands for minutes and seconds and a disk to show hours. There is a push button in the crown which allows you to switch from "Time" to "Chrono" mode. The hands and hour disk switch to measure time and then back to a normal watch with the press of the button. You can even toggle back and fourth while the chrono is running. This watch uses 537 components and has yet to be officially introduced, but you can check out the microsite here.

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Porsche Design Indicator P6910

Porsche Design does not specialize in the manufacturing of high-end watches or writing instruments. What they do specialize in is the design of such products. They may not manufacture the watches or pens that display their name, but the companies they have sourced, definitely do. Eterna and Graf von Faber-Castellare well respected companies, so when you buy a watch or pen with the Porsche Design name, you know it is well made. The Porsche Design indicator is the perfect example, it is currently the only chronograph in the world which is equipped with a mechanical-digital stopwatch display.

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Moving Design Discus by SEIKO

These are two versions of the Discus from the new Seiko Japan Moving Design Collection. These mechanical watches have a three numbered discs that continuously rotate to display hours, minutes and seconds. I like the smoked glass version the best.

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