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300-Year Old Pocket Watch Discovered in Shipwreck

October 12, 2010



With the use of a highly specialized X-Ray machine, researchers were able to see inside a very old pocket watch, that was found while a diver was exploring a shipwreck off the coast of Scotland, that is estimated to have sunk at least 300 years ago. Best of all, though, is the CT (Computed Tomography) X-Rays revealed that the inner working are still intact. In fact, they were even able to make out the engraving of the baseplate which reads "Niccholas Higginson of Westminster." Historical records concur with the researcher's estimated time frame, as their was a Higginson making watches in Westminister, London, circa 1650. This is just further proof, that a mechanical timepiece is truly something that can last many generations.

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