One of the most talked about pieces at this year’s Baselworld show, has been the new orange handed Rolex Explorer II. Anything Rolex is always going to get tons of hype and media attention, and this is no different. What is different, is that this Explorer is 2 mm larger in diameter than it’s predecessor (at 42 mm). It also has a totally new in-house Rolex movement, the caliber 3187, which features Paraflex shock absorbers and a blue Parachrom hairspring (both features are upgrades to the previous Explorer II).

The bracelet is upgraded as well and now includes a safety catch and Easylink extension. Like many of the recent Rolex upgrades within their other collections, this version now has wider hands, and writing on the inner part of the bezel.

The launch of this new orange-handed Rolex Explorer (Ref 216570), marks the 40th anniversary of the Ref 1655 Explorer II. Available in black or white dial variations, the new Explorer II will surely appeal to some people, however, many purists will still opt for the previous versions, especially considering the new 42 mm size. With that said, the addition of the blue Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers will surely be a welcome addition, regardless of which look you prefer (vintage or current).

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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