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HD3 Slyde Introduced at GTE 2011

January 22, 2011



HD3 Complications, a high-end boutique brand, that previously made hundred thousand dollar timepieces, has decided to completely change their product focus. After their movement supplier went bankrupt in 2009, a year when the entire luxury watch market was forever changed, Jorg Hysek had to think of a new product. Instead of continuing with ultra high-end timepieces, Jorg Hysek and his team at HD3 decided to enter a totally different watch category. The category they chose, did not actually exist, as nobody makes $5,000 digital touch screen watches. The new timepieces feature the quality and materials that you expect from a typical Swiss mechanical watch, but with a totally new type of dial and interface - a digital touchscreen.

The digital touch screen watch would bring a whole new dimension to watches. Digital technology is applying itself to so many services now. Things like buying lottery tickets online, digital poker games and blogs on and purchasing shopping on the web. It's a digital alternative to the physical activity of going shopping or playing poker with friends. However, having technology does make it easily accessible, for example, a digital faced watch can be made to have large numbers, or have other features added such as an alarm.

It is a bold and very risky move, but judging from all the press that this timepiece is getting, it might prove to be quite profitable.

The new HD3 Slyde, has a square shaped case that is available in titanium or pink gold, the crystal is sapphire, and there is a choice of leather, alligator or rubber straps. Water-resistance is 50 meters.

The dial, the watch's main feature, has a full color digital readout that can be interfaced via its touchscreen. Currently, there are number of modules that allow you to view the time, worldtime, countdown timers and a number of other horological functions. The modules can even be customized for private events (a countdown timer until your birthday or wedding, for example). Modules cost extra, much like iPad, iPhone and iPod apps, but as of right now, these are static apps that cannot communicate with other devices (hopefully newer apps will be able have two-way communication with other devices and service - which would make this device that much more viable).

Overall, the concept looks like it has a lot of promise, and I'm sure the coming months will tell how popular this type of timepiece will actually be. It is set to go on sale September 2011.

Retail $5,450

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