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Speake-Marin Collection - Baselworld 2011

April 28, 2011



Peter Speake-Marin is a skilled watchmaking who has worked for some of the top brands in watchmaking, including the complicated watch manufacture Renaud & Papi. He has also collaborated with Harry Winston, MB&F and Maitres du Temps. A few years ago, he began designing timepieces under his own brand - "Speake-Marin." Like the watches he made for clients in the past, all of his timepieces are expertly hand finished to the highest standards and are available only in very limited quantities.

The main watch introduction by Peter Speake-Marin at Baselworld 2011 was the Marin 2 "Thalassa." The Marin 2 features the exclusive SM2 movement, with its beautifully hand-finished components. The polished white gold case looks great with the blued steel outer dial and the German silver bridges which are visible through the opening in the center of the dial.

During Baselworld, I had a chance to sit down with Peter and discuss his new 300-page book, "A passion for Watchmaking." Peter's new book introduces Speake-Marin's horological philosophy, as well as a comprehensive overview of the technology used to create his horological masterpieces. The book will take you behind the scenes into Speake-Marin's horological workshop and admire the skills that allowed the creation of Speake-Marin's new calibre, the SM2. Much of the photography in this new book was done by well-known horological photographer Guy Lucas de Peslouan, so the visuals will surely be as interesting as the text.