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"Blackout" Rolex Explorer

May 15, 2011



The Explorer II is one of the best Rolex watches to buy for the money. And aside from the Steve McQueen Explorer, and a few other references, Explorer IIs are still fairly easy to find. This could change soon though. Especially, with the introduction of a brand new Explorer II at Baselworld, which has definitely caused a lot of controversy. The predecessor was 40 mm, which is perfect according to purists, but the incoming model is 42 mm, something purists hate. Either way, there are going to be plenty of people who like the new models, and plenty that like the older models. I'm personally in the latter category.

A popular vintage Rolex is the Rolex Explorer II "Blackout" Ref. 14270 (which was only made from 1990-1991). I've found a few for sale, here is one for $7,195 (although it clearly looks like the case has been refinished, which explains the lower than average asking price) and here is another for $7,854.

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