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The Hautlence HL2.0

July 11, 2012


After many years of development, Hautlence has finally unveiled their masterpiece, the HL2. Underneath the massive front and rear crystals, the complicated mobile bridge movement of the Hautlence HL2.0 is fully visible from all angles. As the name would suggest, instead of having a stationary bridge, the regulating organ (the balance wheel and escapement), rotate. The movement of the 12-link jump-hour chain causes the entire escapement assembly to rotate 60º four times each day. The hour takes 4-seconds to move into place and is shown in an aperture near 12 o'clock. The designers intentionally selected a slow-motion change of the hours because an instantaneous change could generate shocks that negatively affect the movement and timekeeping. The central dial is a retrograde minute display, with a speed regulator in the center the spins every 60-minutes when the minute disc jumps back to zero.


Housed inside a 50 mm x 44 mm x 17 mm case, the movement consists of 552 components, 92 jewels and double power barrels (one for the complication and one for timekeeping). It runs at 18,000 vph (2Hz) and has a 45-hour power reserve (power reserve indicator located in lower right quadrant of dial).

This is a highly complicated timepiece that puts on an amazing show, naturally, it cannot be fully admired unless you see it in motion. Watch it in action below.


Water-resistance is 30 meters. Alligator strap. Limited to 28 pieces in white and rose gold.

Retail $200,000 (HL 2.1 rose gold), $219,000 (HL2.2 white gold)


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