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The Art of Marquetry by Parmigiani Fleurier

February 19, 2013

This year at SIHH Parmigiani Fleurier introduced three musical themed timepieces with intricately decorated marquetry dials. “Marquetry work” is ancient process that involves cutting out and assembling veneers — wooden veneers in this case — on a flat surface. The result is unique wooden veneer dial, with rich colors and a look that compliments the musical theme perfectly.

Parmigiani created two Tonda Tourbillons, the British “Wooodrock” version (pictured below) and American “Woodstock” version (pictured above), each with a unique musically themed wood veneer dial. They also created a new 15 days clock, the Clock 15 Days Blue Note which also features a musically themed marquetry dial.

“Each marquetry dial is the result of 10 days work and comprises more than fifty pieces of dyed wood. These have been designed, cut and then assembled with such meticulous care that the resulting dial appears perfectly flat to the naked eye.”

PFS251-2007000_BB.jpg Tonda Woodrock (British version)

artistiquePFS251-1007000-HA1241.jpg Tonda Woodstock (American version)






Assembling the Tonda Woodrock.jpg

Tiny stars of the US flag - Tonda Woodstock.jpg

Cutting along the tracing line.jpg

Parmigiani Fleurier, SIHH

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