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Antoine Martin Slow Runner

March 20, 2013

Watchmaker Martin Braun, who recently started the brand Antoine Martin, has come up with a new concept that is contrary to what everyone in the industry is doing. Instead of building a watch with one of the most common frequencies: 2.5Hz (18,800 vph), 3Hz (21,600 vph), 4Hz (28,800 vph), or with a high frequency such as Zenith’s 5Hz (36,000 vph) or Breguet’s 10Hz (72, 000 vph)— he made a watch that oscillates at the slowest frequency possible - 1Hz (7,200 vph). It literally runs slower than any other wristwatch in the world.

What gave him the idea to produce this? According to watch journalist Elizabeth Doerr’s article on Forbes, Braun said “he was inspired to start fooling around with this idea a couple of years ago after reading something a futurologist had written about how the world is destined to start slowing down again.”

By drastically reducing the frequency to 7,200 semi-oscillations (vibrations) per hour, or 1 Hz, it would seem that the watch loses accuracy over the higher frequency watches produced by everyone else. However, Antoine Martin has apparently figured out a way to offset the lower frequency by incorporating a giant 24 mm diameter balance which generates so much kinetic energy that it cannot be disturbed. Furthermore, as a result of the slower rate of oscillation, the second hand jumps more distinctively than a higher frequency watch. So, you can see the second hand advance in two jump increments every second.

Antoine Martin, Baselworld

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