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Jason Pitsch

Historic Breguet Timepieces Owned by Russian Nobility in the 1800s

Jason Pitsch

August 25, 2014

We recently visited Breguet’s flagship boutique in New York City at 711 Fifth Avenue to check out three important pieces that were on loan from the Collection Montres Breguet S.A.

First, is the Breguet #4821 owned by Prince A. Demidov in 1842. It is referred to as a “small simple medallion watch” with a case of pietre dure inlay on gold mount, dial of pietre dure inlay with off-center chapter ring, and ruby cylinder escapement. 37mm diameter.


Second, is the Breguet #3825 owned by Tsar Alexander I in 1822. It is called the “military metronome” (it is a pedometer) for regulating the march of troops. Silver case, silver engine-turned dial, adjustment from 60 to 125 beats per minute, seconds subdial, and detent escapement. 69mm diameter.


Last, is Breguet #5038 owned by Count A. Demidov in 1832. It is named “tiny simple watch” and was made on chronometer principles. It has a gold case, off-center gold dial, lever escapement, platinum balance wheel, winding and time-set crown on a pendant. 18mm diameter.


The gallery slideshow (top) walks you through the historic timepieces that were formerly owned by Russian nobility in the 1800s, and are now part of the permanent “Collection Montres Breguet S.A.” The images were taken by PROFESSIONAL WATCHES or provided by Breguet.


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