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Jason Pitsch

Meet Breva CEO Vincent Dupontreué

Jason Pitsch

August 18, 2014


On a recent Friday in New York City, I sat down for lunch with Breva founder and designer, Vincent Dupontreué. We ate at the Wayfarer restaurant, located in the Quin Hotel at Central Park South, and discussed his background, as well as the new Breva Genie G02 Air. Afterwards, we did a shoot on the streets of NYC. Vincent then had to catch a plane from JFK back to Geneva to rest for a day, before flying out to another city the following week. The best watch brand CEOs are always on the move, constantly promoting and selling their products around the world.

Vincent Dupontreué’s background and what inspired him to found a luxury watch brand

Vincent was born in 1977, just outside of Paris in Corsica. At the young age of 11 Dupontreué was making and selling bracelets on the beach in sica during the holidays. By 12 he was building and selling skateboard ramps with his brother. A job working in a bespoke men’s clothing store at 18 led, a few years later, to the position of sales manager at Ermenegildo Zegna. Vincent quickly decided he wanted to run his own boutique and when that wasn’t a possibility – he was still only 22 years old – he set up his own fashion brand, called “Vincent Dupontreué.”

After seven successful years Vincent Dupontreué sold his fashion brand, did an MBA in Lausanne, Switzerland, and ran an art gallery for a couple of years.

On his 33rd birthday in 2010, a desire for a nice watch ignited his entrepreneurial spirit once again and he decided to launch his own high-end Swiss brand. A beautiful weekend on Lake Como in Northern Italy provided both the inspiration for the name, Breva – “La Breva” is a warm southern wind contributing to the agreeably mild micro-climate around Lake Como – and the idea of creating a mechanical timepiece that forecast the weather.

In 2013, after three years of research and development, led by Jean-François Mojon/Chronode to his specifications, Vincent launched the Génie 01.


You play polo for fun, can you tell us a little about this?

Upon completion of my MBA in Lausanne I decided to do a break and go to Argentina. After having visited the country on my own during 10 days and spent one week in Punta del Este with friends, a friend asked me to join him for a polo clinic. As this is the national sport (with soccer) I thought it would be the occasion to jump on it. I ended in Puesto Viejo at the very well known La Martina and La Dolphina. They gave me a old poney so I won’t get scared. I became instantly addicted. I stayed 10 days playing 5 hours per day.

I currently lead the Breva Polo Team. The next tournament we do will be from 12th to 14th of September in Geneva.

What is on your wrist today?

G02 Air in black G5 Titanium. And yesterday evening I had G01 in white gold. The day before yesterday G01 rose gold and G02 Terre in Titanium G5. I change every day depending on my mood and outfit.

What are the future plans for Breva?

Future plans for Breva are already drawn for years, but next year this will be Génie 03 and a new line with more casual complications.

What is your favorite part about visiting New York?

When I visit New York City, I find the excitement and eclectic nature of the city inspiring. I have traveled to many places, and seen many things, but New York is for me not only a unique experience, but the most dynamic, amazing, crazy, and energetic city in the world — fabulous things happen 24/7. I often find myself absorbed in the city’s culture, arts, technology, and design; and leave motivated to start a new project or seek new means of self-expression.

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