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HYT's most advanced timepiece yet

March 2, 2015

HYT has developed an all new liquid-filled watch movement that has bellows at opposite ends that pump a greenish-yellow phosphorescent liquid through a straight tube which in conjunction with a rotating dial with 4 faces – each of which is graduated with 6 hours – displaying 24-hours (military time). Every six hours, the liquid makes a retrograde movement (as the liquid disappears), and then gradually fills again. All in perfect coordination with the rotating dial.

Below the hour display is a linear minute display, which has 5-minute graduations, indicated by a red articulated arm. The retrograde mechanism instantaneously moves the arm to zero, once it reaches the end of the scale (every 60 minutes).

“The time is set using a push-button, located on the left of the assembly. With each press, the central time display bar turns on itself by one-quarter of a turn. This ingenious principle enables the desired time period to be quickly set by jumping in periods of six hours. Next, the circular movement of the crown enables the exact hour and minutes chosen to be set within this period,” according to HYT.


Thanks to its two barrels, the H3 boasts a 170-hour power reserve. The exclusive movement was developed by APRP (Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi), who was also responsible for the HYT H2.

Produced in charcoal gray PVD-coated titanium and platinum, the HYT H3 will be limited to 25 pieces and will be available starting September 2015.

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