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Josh Shanks

Pre-Owned Heads and Tails with Govberg watches

Josh Shanks

April 6, 2016

Many people know Govberg Jewelers, they’ve been around since 1916. They’re one of the East Coast’s premier authorized dealers of Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and many others. However, you may not know that outside of selling new watches, they do a brisk pre-owned business. ProfessionalWatches is partnering with the folks at Govberg to bring you inside of their pre-owned vaults. Over the coming months, we’ll bring you thematic coverage of some of our favorites pieces in their vast inventory.

Today’s edition: Textures

In horology, textures can come in many different forms. Perhaps it’s the texture of a dial, a supple rubber strap, the feel of an exotic leather strap, or simply, the feel of a sharp crown.

After a working our way through Govberg’s pre-owned inventory of nearly 1,000+ watches, here are some of my favorites:

JLC Master Compressor diving alarm Navy Seal-Wristshots-4.jpg

Texture: Rubber

This isn’t your father’s rubber strap. This is a limited edition (of 1,500 pieces) JLC Master Compressor diving alarm Navy Seal edition. The standout textures on this piece are the rubber coated bracelet, crown(s), and bezel texture. Highly functional and the ultimate dive/tool watch, there’s a reason this watch is first on my list. The piece surprisingly light for all of the functionality Jaeger packed into it. The bracelet is smooth and supple at the same time. JLC is renowned for their diving alarm pieces, but this piece takes it to another level.

The price is $9,750.


Texture: Carbon fiber

When you think carbon fiber, you usually think race cars and fighter jets. It’s rare when you see a watch brand use the famous woven carbon material tastefully. IWC has really knocked it out of the park with this Ingenieur. I particularly like the canvas strap and funky green accents. The 46mm case sits nicely on the wrist, and it’s the perfect watch for summer.

The price is $9,850.


Texture: Dial

Stepan Sarpaneva is a renowned Finnish designer and watchmaker. Since 1994, he’s been working with some of the world’s biggest manufacturers. In 2003, he started his own company, and ever since then he’s been pushing the limits of high horology. His signature dial is the skeleton dial on his Korona line. I had a chance to play with this piece the other day, and the dial is truly mesmerizing. Furthermore, Govberg is offering this piece for a great price.

The price is $16,500.


Texture: Crown

There are few horological joys better than handling your first Rolex. I remember my first time; it was the early 2000s in St. Thomas. I marveled at the weight and build quality of their famous tool watches. Most notable for me was the size and feel of the crowns. Particularly, the Submariner and Seadweller. The crown is oversized and very sharp. Every collector (casual or serious) should have a Rolex in their collection. Why not start with a Sea-Dweller?

The price is $5950.

Govberg Jewelers is firmly dedicated to the continued satisfaction of all clients, long after the purchase of a new or pre-owned timepiece. Each pre-owned timepiece purchased from the retailer is accompanied by a 15-month warranty, protecting the owner from defects in material or workmanship.

Govberg offers the ultimate tool for the watch obsessed among us: access to their pre-owned inventory at your fingertips! Download the GovbergOnTime app now – for iOS or Android devices – and prepare to get hooked.


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