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Jason Pitsch

Photo Report: Abraham-Louis Breguet Points of Interest

Jason Pitsch

February 12, 2018

Abraham-Louis Breguet is one of the most prolific watchmakers of all-time. Even though he was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in 1747, he lived in Paris, France for much of his life, which is also where he died in 1823.

Breguet invented the perpetual winding rotor, the tourbillon, and many other horological innovations – at a time when CNC machines did not exist – and these inventions are still widely in use to this day.


From Marie Antoinette to Napolean Breguet to Louis XIV, Abraham-Louis Breguet was the watchmaker to nobility. And once you see many of the key points of interest where Breguet left his mark, it becomes easier to understand the impact that he made on horology – and the incredible legacy he left behind.

Please enjoy the 70 captioned images we created during a week long trip from France to Switzerland dedicated to Breguet.

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