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Aspen One Downhill GT in Titanium and Gold

The Aspen One Downhill GT in Titanium/Gold is a new variation within the Apsen One Limited Edition collection - 3,267 pieces total. The number 3,267 represents the elevation from the base of Aspen Mountain to its peak. Each owner's name is inscribed on top of Aspen mountains monument. To reduce the weight of the original Aspen One timepiece, while still utilizing gold which is luxurious but very heavy - an outer case in titanium was implemented, while the inner case, push buttons, hands and numerals are in 18K red gold. Water-resistant 30 meters.

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Aspen One Black Piste by Aspen Watch and Jewelry

The Black Piste, an Aspen One Special Edition. (Aspen, Colorado, USA) - A new design titled The Black Piste has been added to the Aspen One timepiece collection. This new model has already been dubbed "The Understatement Watch." Aspen One is the first luxury timepiece introduced by the Swiss-based company Aspen Jewelry and Watches. Aspen One is a limited edition, Swiss-made timepiece, and is a tribute to Aspen and its crown jewel, Aspen Mountain.

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