Streetwear brands Bodega and G-Shock first collaborated in 2018 and now again for the second in 2023.

The Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG23-1 comes in a smoked gray translucent resin version of Casio’s square-shaped case, which measures 42.8 mm × 13.4 mm (48.9 mm lug-to-lug) and weighs 56 grams.

Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG23-1 close-up

In addition to the gray translucent resin strap, there’s an alternative woven “Bodega” band with brass snap buttons and a custom Bodega carabiner. A custom green and brown-colored EL backlight reveals a map and the company’s slogan “HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT.” Bodega’s logo and “ANYTIME & ANYWHERE” are printed in gold on the dial side, and if you flip the case over, the Bodega logo has been engraved on the caseback, as well as the “ANYTIME & ANYWHERE.”

Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG23-1 custom LED light

Each limited edition watch comes in a military green, yellow, and black steamer trunk carrying case with stencils and co-branding, including a black and yellow custom outer box, with G-Shock’s 40th Anniversary logo completing the full kit.

Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG23-1 overhead

There’s even a spring bar tool included. The Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG23-1 went on sale February 21, 2023, at, and the company’s flagship brick-and-mortar G-Shock store in SoHo for $170.

Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG23-1 gloveshot


For the price, you’re getting an accurate quartz watch housed in a translucent gray version of the G-Shock’s square-shaped case. There are extra wire bars surrounding the case, as well as Bodega co-branding on the front and back. You get the spring bar tool, as well as a co-branded artistic close, trunk carrying case, and a carabiner that doubles as a strap when used with the included conversion lugs. Like most of these G-Shock collaborations, in addition to the exclusivity — these sold out quickly — is the custom LED graphic.

Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG23-1

Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG23-1

Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG23-1 full kit

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