An Oris Divers 65 is my go-to watch for wearing with short sleeves, going to pool parties or the beach. I really like vintage Tudor and Rolex Submariners but with old watches, you always worry about water entering the case.

Not to mention, they are often in need of costly overhauls and repairs and are really not optimal in regards to durability like a modern Tudor or Rolex. Plus, they cost quite a bit more, especially in good condition.

The Oris 65 solves the problem with modern wearability, durability, and they are more affordable to own (retail with the rubber strap is $1850). I continue to put the Oris through the paces. While I am not a diver, I do like to swim with my watch on, play football at the beach with the watch on my wrist, and numerous other situations. And I did just that last week on a family vacation to Grand Haven, Michigan.

For the entire trip, other than when I was sleeping or showering (showering with your watch is stupid, although admittedly I used to do it back in college). The watch got wet numerous times, hit the sand along with me when going for the football multiple times, and got continually used each day at the beach. It got sand under the bezel, on the watch, yet with a simple rinse, it was fine each time.


If you own a dive watch, then it would be a shame not to take it to the lake, beach, or pool every chance you get. This is not a true professional diver’s watch with a rating of 200 meters water resistance or more, but it more than delivers in virtually any wet environment you throw at it. Instead of overanalyzing each detail, which I did, more or less in my original Review of the Oris Divers 65 last year, I will say this: the watch performed admirably, and looks great with a pair of boardshorts.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

Jason is the founder of Professional Watches and specializes in writing, product photography, and digital marketing.