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Jason Pitsch

Introducing the Garrick Portsmouth

Jason Pitsch

English watchmaker, Garrick, was founded in 2014, and while they started out with somewhat affordable watches that utilize NOS Unitas 6497 base movements, they have progressed quite a bit, horologically, in a few short years. This month, at the SalonQP, they introduced their latest creation, the Portsmouth, which is housed in the company’s 42 mm circular case, with an onion-shaped crown. With the Portsmouth, Garrick puts on display – via an opening at the base of the dial – their proprietary free sprung balance wheel. Going beyond the benefits of a typical free sprung balance wheel, which offers easy adjustment of the rate by tightening and loosening screws, Garrick’s design features screws affixed “in-board” to the spokes of the wheel, mitigating the disruption to the airflow. The company’s free sprung balance wheel has been used on previous movements, including the

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