ceramic– material used as a shield for spacecraft reentering the earth’s atmosphere, high tech ceramic is polished with diamond dust to create a highly polished finish.

gold – typically watch cases ar 18K gold because 24K is too soft.

platinum – one of the rarest precious metals as well as one of the strongest and heaviest.

stainless steel – extremely durable metal alloy consisting of steel, nickel, and composed mainly of chromium. It is virtually rustproof. It is also antimagnetic. 316L is the standard steel used in watchmaking, however, Rolex uses a slightly harder and more corrosion resistant steel called 904L. 904L is generally used in chemical applications and it costs significantly more than 316L steel.

tantalum – a grey, heavy, and very hard metal. Tantalum is used to make a variety of alloys at a high melting point and high strength. Tantalum is completely immune to body liquids and is a non-irritating material.

titanium – a metal, gray in color, that is used for watch cases and bracelets. Much stronger and lighter than stainless steel and hypo-allergenic. It is 30% stronger and 50% lighter than steel. It is very resistant to saltwater corrosion, making it useful for diver’s watches. Although, since it can be scratched easily, some manufacturers use a coating to resist scratching.

palladium – a rare and lustrous metal that is slightly whiter than platinum and slightly harder. It is part of the platinum group of metals. Palladium is tarnish resistant, electrically stable and resistant to chemical erosion as well as intense heat.

nickel silver – (German silver) German watch manufacture A. Lange & Sohne uses untreated German silver in their movements. German silver has a brighter and more luxurious finish, as compared to brass (which is commonly used for baseplates).

brass – the most common material used for watch bridges and main plates. It is often rhodium-plated or even gold-plated.

bronze – an alloy used for watch cases that acquires a significant patina.

carbon fiber – a material that is made of heat compressed layers of carbon fiber.

resin – a lightweight, shock resistant material similar to plastic.

glucydur – copper and glucinum stainless, a non-magnetic alloy used in watch making for internal parts. Anti-magnetic alloy that expands very little when exposed to heat. (Used for balances)

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