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Hands-On with Lum-Tec Combat B43 Watches

Lum-Tec is a watch brand based in the United States that specializes in luminous watch dials and hands. Every Lum-Tec watch features their exclusive MDV Technology™ (Maximum Darkness Visibility). This is a special 8-layer application of ultra bright glowing superluminova photoluminescent material. The process consists of a chemical base layer, six luminous layers and a final clear layer on the top. The result, are some of the brightest watch dials and hands in the industry. Lum-Tec MDV technology is not limited to Lum-Tec timepieces, though, they can even reapply their signature lume to older watches whose luminous paint has worn out over time.

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Lum-Tec Bull 45 PVD Chronograph

The Lum-Tec Bull 45 Chronograph features a 45 mm 316L stainless steel case coated in black PVD. It is a bullhead design, which means the crown and chronograph pushers are on the top of the case. The chronograph is slightly harder to operate than a traditional side mounted configuration, when on your wrist, however, this design prevents the crown of pushers from poking into your wrist. And, if it is in your hand the chronograph buttons are actually a bit easier to manipulate. The dial features an instrument style layout. Protecting the dial is a thick sapphire crystal, with a double sided anti-reflective coating. The watch is extremely legible in bright or dark conditions. The AR treatment removes glare in bright conditions and an 8-layer MDV® LUM-TEC GX luminous treatment makes the dial visible even in the most extreme

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