Tyler Berger, of Berger Law Firm PLLC, contacted Professional Watches yesterday with an update on what’s happening with the Timepiece Gentleman.

Berger stated that she has represented Anthony Farrer with his business law and intellectual property matters since 2019. And that she filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on his behalf on July 1, 2021. Please see the full email message below.

“I am Tyler Berger, owner of Berger Law Firm, PLLC. My firm has assisted Anthony Farrer with his business law and intellectual property matters since as early as 2019. While rumors suggest that the company has gone dark, I filed a trademark application for THE TIMEPIECE GENTLEMAN on July 1, 2021. This application will serve to protect the name in connection with entertainment services. Previously, the Timepiece Gentleman, Anthony Farrer,  has been associated with buying, selling, and trading luxury watches; his intellectual property filings from my firm reflect this. He and his business partner, Marco Nicolini, have gained notoriety both locally and nationally with the YouTube Channel, THE TIMEPIECE GENTLEMAN. It wouldn’t make sense to be actively taking steps to further his business interests if he were only planning to disappear. The filing can be found online at uspto.gov and is publically available.”

Screenshot of "The Timepiece Gentleman" application filing.
Screenshot of “The Timepiece Gentleman” application filing provided to Professional Watches by Tyler Berger.

In addition to this, a new premiere video, titled “The TIMEPIECE GENTLEMAN Scandal Finally Revealed!!!” is now showing as scheduled for July 6, on Timepiece Gentleman’s YouTube channel. If you have not been following this situation, a full breakdown of “What’s really happening at the Timepiece Gentleman,” that we wrote on July 1st, can be seen HERE.

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