The newly launched Tudor Pelagos LHD (Left-Hand Drive), is fundamentally the same as the existing Tudor Pelagos line, but with a modified version of the existing movement that has the crown moved to the left side of the case (which makes it a so-called left-hand watch). To do so, Tudor re-worked the movement and the case accordingly.

In doing so, they also made a few other subtle changes, namely the lume which is now a beige color, a roulette (red/black alternating numerals) date wheel, “PELAGOS” dial text in red, and for the first time since the Marine Nationale models that were produced for the French Navy in the 1970s, Tudor offers a numbered edition.

As someone that is right-hand dominant (and that wears my watch on the left-hand), the Tudor Pelagos feels like the current right-hand Pelagos model, but with the crown on the left. And being honest, I have to say that it is mentally hard to look at the crown on that side after every single other watch I have ever owned has always had the crown on the right. That said, I do like the new look, particularly the subtle application of beige lume, the red Pelagos text, and the alternating red/black numerals of the “roulette” date wheel. It gives the watch a different vibe – a new colorway if you will – that I prefer over the more neutral colors of the existing Pelagos, so I hope this same look makes its way to the right-hand drive version.

Read more about the new Tudor Pelagos LHD here.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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