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October 2007

Black IP 5 Motor Atomic Chrono by OCEANUS

[ via Oceanus ] Oceanus has recently introduced the Black Ion Plated Titanium 5 Motor Atomic Solar Chronograph, which allows you to have the precision of atomic timekeeping along with a traditional chronograph movement. These newer models also feature a Tide Indicator function and have a sapphire crystal. This multi-band atomic wristwatch auto receives time calibration signals 6 times per day from the nearest Atomic clock in either the US, UK, Germany or Japan. The watch is 43mm wide and 12mm thick and it has a black treatment on the bracelet and case. I currently have one on backorder that should be arriving at the beginning of Novemeber. The price is $900 and it appears to be worth every penny.

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Citizen said it will buy all shares of Bulova Corp. from Loews Corp. for $246 million in January. Citizen wants to strengthen its wristwatch presence in the $200-$600 price range. A representative from Bulova Corp. said that this will help them expand in the U.S., which is the world's biggest market for watches. Bulova owns brand names Accutron, Caravelle and Wittnauer.

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