Bell & Ross is known for its square-shaped wristwatches made to look like “analog” airplane instruments. For their latest aviation timepiece, however, the display mimics the aesthetics of a fighter jet’s “digital” Head Up Display.

The BR03-92 HUD timepiece comes in a 42 mm diameter squared matte black ceramic version of the company’s most recognizable case that dates back to the BR01 from 2005.

Bell & Ross BR03-92 HUD

Military Head Up Display technology displays all vital mission information within the pilot’s visual field. The HUD displays the digital data onto the plane’s windshield so pilots can be alerted about horizon line, altitude, speed, or use navigation aids such as the flight path vector. Even as lighting diminishes, the HUD screen will automatically adjust its brightness and contrast to optimize ambient lighting. While Bell & Ross display is non-digital and powered by a mechanical movement — it does give the illusion of a HUD day or night.

Bell & Ross BR03-92 HUD

Protecting the dial is a special green-tinted sapphire crystal that has four right angles painted on the back of the glass at its four corners in lime green lume similar to the HUD line of sight markers. Under this are the hour and minute hands, treated with the same bright fluorescent green lume as the crystal and dial, and with the center portions of the hands in matte black to enhance visibility, like with a HUD. Below is the hour disc which features a fully luminescent large green arrow on a disc that points to large green lume Arabic numerals or indices to display the hour. Outside of that is the flange with a graduate minutes/second scale, also with lume. And finally, on the outer ring is a luminescent 0-60 minutes/seconds numeric chapter ring.

Bell & Ross BR03-92 HUD lumeshot

The BR03-92 HUD is powered by an outsourced automatic mechanical movement and is water-resistant to 100 meters. Production is limited to 999 pieces and each watch comes with black rubber and black synthetic textile straps. The retail price is $3,990. 

Fighter Plane Heads Up Display

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