The Octo case is distinctive and the finishes look good, particularly the textured dial on the GrandSport and the sunburst dial on the GrandLusso.

However, with a starting price of $12,800 for the steel GranSport model and climbing to $30,700 for the 18K pink gold GranLusso, I wonder who would pay this for a wristwatch that at first glance appears to be missing half the hours.

In reality, the hours are displayed via a circular cut-out at 3 o’clock via a jumping hour mechanism. And the minutes are indicated on the retrograde scale, on the left, which goes from 0-60 and then instantly snaps back to zero upon reaching the end, just as the Heure d’ici & Heure d’ailleur does.

What makes the dial confusing is that there are applied Arabic numerals from 0-6, marked with a (MIN X 10), so you have to multiply to get the minutes, so to speak, instead of just looking at the indices or printed scale. This configuration is in my opinion completely superfluous and while I think the designer is trying to relate the retrograde minutes to RPMs in a Maserati automobile, 6000 RPMs is not even that high for a Maserati, so it does not even make sense in that regard either.

Not sure what form or function the 0-6 scale serves, so I have taken the liberty to remove the numerals in Photoshop.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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