De Bethune’s signature case shape is on full display in their latest offering — yet this timepiece is unlike previous timepieces from the small watchmaker.

The DB Kind of Two Tourbillon is fully reversible — meaning there are two distinctive dials — and functionally similar to a Reverso Duoface, although, visually, the well-known rectangular-shaped Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso collection and this timepiece, are worlds apart.

To make the case reversible De Bethune employed a mechanism based on a system of gears and pinions arranged on the front and back of the watch to complete the rotation of the faces. The front side displays the contemporary Star Trek-esque aesthetic — with blued hour and minute hands and a tourbillon visibly rotating at 6 — that those who have followed the brand will recognize.

Flip it over and the dial turns to a traditional look, with a finely hand-guilloché central part surrounded by the hour numerals. Interestingly, the tourbillon is concealed on this side and running seconds are instead displayed by a centrally mounted seconds hand, which posed a technical challenge to the L’Auberson-based manufacture.

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