This week, the independent, ultra-high-end watchmaker Greubel Forsey debuted a new iteration of the Double Balancier along with a new moniker for all its watches that have a convex case shape.

The Greubel Forsey Double Balancier “Convexe” combines the horology that was first introduced in the Double Balancier (patented in 2007) within the company’s convex-shaped case.

In its current form, the Double Balancier caliber features two balances that are disassociated, inclined at 30 degrees, and separated by a constant spherical differential which calculates the average time rate between the two (double patented in 2016).

The 43.5 mm x 13.75 mm titanium case, with a bezel diameter of 46.5 mm, and a height with the sapphire crystals of 14.35 mm — has a distinctive convex shape, the sapphire crystals, and even the movement and hands had to be custom engineered to adapt to the unique curvature of the case.

Beating a 3Hz the large 38.7 mm x 9.46 mm caliber is powered by two coaxial series-coupled barrels that drive the double balance wheels — and the hours, minutes, small seconds, and power reserve indications, for up to 72-hours when fully wound.

As with all Greubel Forsey movements, the finishing of the components is amongst the very best in the world, and the 374 parts, with 50 jewels, including olive-domed jewels provide a significant amount of opportunities to show off the decorating know-how of the Swiss-based company. Hand beveling and polishing, frosting, blackening, straight graining, engraving, lacquering, and flat black polishing are some of the high-end treatments given to the watch movement, as well as the case and even the bracelet — and what makes a true Gruebel Forsey timepiece.

Interestingly, being that the Convexe timepieces have a sporty nature, the depth rating has been increased to 100 meters. Only 22 Double Balancier Convexe timepieces will be made per year between 2022 and 2024 for a total of 66 pieces overall.

The retail price is approximately $328,000.


Photo by Greubel Forsey.

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