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Christian Redl free dives with Edox at the North Pole

Overview On April 14th, world champion free diver Christian Redl – and Edox ambassador – completed the first ever free-dive (without breathing gear) at the North Pole. In March, Redl explained to PROFESSIONAL WATCHES that the main purpose of his upcoming North Pole expedition and dive was to raise awareness about global warming, and how it causes the Polar ice to melt away each year, which affects the habitat of Polar bears, making it harder for them to survive. Polar bears are not an endangered species, but they are classified as “vulnerable” right now and it will only get worse if something is not done to affect the climate change. Christian Redl wearing a Hydro-Sub (at Baselworld 2015) While the South Pole lies on a land mass, the North Pole is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. The

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The Edox HydroSub North Pole "Master Lock"

Edox has developed a diver’s watch that has retro styling from the HydroSub produced in the 1960s, with a new twist. The 2014 HydroSub North Pole comes in a stainless steel cushion-shaped case, similar to the original, but with the new “Master Lock” crown protector system that consists of an orange metal protector that slides upward to reveal the screw-locked crown, and down to lock in place and protect the crown.

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Edox WRC Chronorally

Edox recently announced the WRC Chronorally timepiece for use in professional rally racing. In conjunction with the World Rally Chamionship, Edox has created an entire collection dedicated to the world's best rally drivers and their co-drivers.

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