Japanese watchmaker Casio has released a triple collab with The North Face and Supreme.

Arriving in three colorways, with matching jackets that have an opening for the wristwatch on the sleeve, the resin-based DW-6900, which has a triple graph configuration, and dates back to 1995, is again the model used to collaborate with other fashion houses and celebs.

G-Shock x North Face x Supreme DW-6900

Some previous G-Shock DW-6900 collaborations happened with John Mayer and Bamford Watch Company, so this is nothing new for Casio. Though, most partnerships are two-way, whereas this is three-way, so that’s unique.

G-Shock x North Face x Supreme DW-6900 Afterglow

The included double fabric strap has The North Face and Supreme logos sewn onto it. Perhaps the coolest part of the collab is the hidden SUPREME logo that appears on the dial when you hit the “G” afterglow button.


Photos by G-Shock.

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