After attending the Baselworld show this year we headed to Geneva to visit HD3 Complication. Instead of exhibiting at the SIHH or Baselworld shows, HD3 decided to have a private show aboard a boat on Lake Geneva. The watch that really attracted me to HD3 originally, was the Capture. This year they introduced the Capture 2, which was designed by Valerie Ursenbacher, who is one of the three designers at HD3 Complication.

This watch comes in three versions; white gold with black PVD accents rose gold with black PVD accents and titanium with white gold accents. All three versions are limited to 11 pieces and come with a natural rubber or leather strap. The one (pictured above) and after the jump is the titanium and white gold version with the natural rubber strap. It costs $250,000 and was not sold out at the beginning of the show, but I am sure all 33 pieces were sold out by the final day.

I had the opportunity to wear the Capture 2 as you can see in a few of these pictures, and it feels great on the wrist with the super soft natural rubber strap and conforming lugs. The look is so unique and so classy, it goes good with a suit and I am sure it looks great with a polo and jeans as well. After seeing so many beautiful watches during the watch shows it would be hard to pick one watch that is my absolute favorite, but if I was forced to do so– this might be it.

We had to catch a flight back to the United States the day we went to the HD3 exhibit, so we could not get all the interviews and original images we would have wanted to. We did however, get to spend some time talking with Valerie about her “little baby”, the Capture. One thing that she made sure to tell us was that this movement is a single (triple action) push-button chronograph. I tried the chronograph function and it is very cool to operate.

This watch is very unique and attractive and with only 11 pieces per variation you can be sure that if you can afford the $250,000 price tag that you will be buying something that is ultra exclusive.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

Jason is the founder of Professional Watches and specializes in writing, product photography, and digital marketing.