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Emmanuel Bouchet and Augustin Nussbaum worked together for the past 2 years to create the Opus 12. What is so special about this timepiece, is the hour and 1/12th of an hour (five-minutes) displays via a rotating, double-hand system.

Animation of the minute hands occurs ever five minutes, and makes an audible loud, but not annoying, clicking sound, as a result of the massive amount of torque the movement makes to complete this process. Animation of the 12-hour hands at each hour, is not audible, like the 5-minute change, but it is more visually impressive, as it requires 13 hands to turn before the final hour hand displays the hour.

There is a retrograde five-minute display in the center of the dial, a power-reserve indicator and small seconds in the center of the dial complete the display functions of this horological masterpiece.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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