Swatch announced its seventh limited edition MoonShine Gold watch today.

The blue Mission to Neptune model will now be available with a MoonShine gold-plated center seconds hand, which was produced during a full moon. Interestingly, this piece is a tribute to the Blue Moon the will happen on August 30th, 2023, but the watches being sold on August 30th, will have second hands produced during the first full moon of the month, on August 1, 2023.

This iteration varies from the first six MoonShine Gold special edition MoonSwatches in that it’s based on the blue Mission to Neptune case and dial, not the gray case and black dial variation you get with the Mission to the Moon model.

Prices of regular MoonSwatches have been raised from $260 to $270 in the US. So expect a slight price raise on this as well. Prior MoonShine Gold models were $280, so expect to pay $290 to $300. Availability will be limited to only some of the Swatch stores worldwide, and in-store purchases are still prohibited by Swatch’s strict limited distribution/hype strategy.


Photo by Swatch.

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