After years of wearing one-piece Nato straps, which require folding over of the end of the strap, I decided to try a two-piece Nato strap. A two-piece Nato wears much like a regular Nato but with no need to bunch up the end of the strap.

The security of a classic one-piece Nato strap, which holds the watch on your wrist even if one spring bar breaks or fails, is really impossible to beat. Not to mention being incredibly easy to swap straps with because they are connected by going under the spring bars. However, considering I cannot recall a spring bar ever failing on me while wearing a watch, I personally do not see the so-called security factor as a feature I actually benefit much from. And I’m fine with wearing one color for a while or swapping the traditional way by removing the spring bars using a strap tool (I use a Bergeon 6111 spring bar tool).

Watchbandit Two-Piece Nato Strap wristshot

Needless to say, I finally gave the two-piece Nato a try. And I have to say, it’s been a great experience. Sourced from, the strap is quite comfortable and good looking in my opinion.

Watchbandit Two-Piece Nato Strap

Unlike traditional Nato straps, these straps have two layers of material, which make the strap thicker, and more robust than the thinner material of a typical Nato. This construction also differs from most Natos in that it’s made from a very soft nylon (the same type used to make seat belts, except a finer weave). Definitely a more premium material than you see used for common Nato styles. You basically gain the softness without losing the durability of a rugged Nato strap.

Watchbandit Two-Piece Gray Nato

These two-piece Nato straps by come in 20 mm and 22 mm widths and are available in gray (as shown), green, blue, black, khaki, and a variety of striped designs, including the Bond pattern. A brushed 316L stainless steel buckle engraved with the “WB” emblem secures the watch to your wrist. The buckle flares out a bit and has a kind of aggressive look to it, which I was worried about when I ordered this strap initially because I’m used to smaller pin buckles, but I personally find no problem with the design and it feels very high quality. That said, you can easily have a regular-sized buckle added by a watchmaker if you like.

Watchbandit Two-Piece Nato Strap

If you’re looking for a fabric watch strap that’s great looking and incredibly comfortable, this is an excellent alternative to a traditional Nato. Retail is $35 plus shipping.

Watchbandit Two-Piece Nato Strap

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