Biel, Switzerland based manufacture Armin Strom, exhibited at Baselworld for the first time this year. They had a location in Hall 1.1, which is an excellent floor location, especially for a such a new brand. This and a newly built Swiss factory, definitely shows that Armin Strom is serious about building a strong watch brand.

Armin Strom, the watchmaker, is well known for making beautifully finished, handmade skeletonized watches. He now teaches his skills and know-how to younger watchmakers within the company. The watch (pictured), the most complicated piece in their current collection, is fully hand skeletonized and hand engraved by a master watchmaker, personally trained by Armin. The resulting pieces, are some of the most beautiful skeletonized watches I’ve ever seen.

Retail $18,000+
Source: Armin Strom

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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