Breva, the independent watch company that has focused on weather-centric wristwatches up to this point – has moved into new territory with the creation of the world’s first-ever wristwatch with a functional speedometer.

The Génie 03 is fitted with a patented “instant speed” scientific measurement mechanism – located between 1 and 5 o’clock on the dial – that pops up at the push of a button to take a speed reading. The mechanism consists of 45 parts and extends 6 mm. Using Robison Hemispherical cups (in titanium), similar to an anemometer which measures wind speed, the devices can calculate speeds of 10 to 125 mph.

The Génie 03 is water resistant to 30 meters at all times, with speedometer open or closed (and dust resistant even with the speedometer active).

According to Breva, “When worn on the wrist of a cyclist, motorcyclist, speedboat operator or automobilist, with wrist exposed to the moving air, Génie 03 will indicate the speed with a red hand, against printed inner speed indexes and an engraved lacquered field for the external speed scale on the speedometer’ bezel. Its readings are instantaneous and require no calculating on the part of the user, nor does the watch need the user to locate a measured mile or kilometer.”

The Génie 03 comes in a 44.70 mm x 15.70 grade 5 titanium case, with a time setting crown at 4 o’clock and pusher at 2 o’clock to activate the speedometer (anemometer) function. With the anemometer extended, it protrudes 23.50 mm from caseback to the top of the device.

In addition to the speed function, hours, minutes, seconds and power reserve are displayed. The 34 jewel movement is self-winding, with a power reserve is 60-hours. Caliber BRE03.001 beats at 4Hz, has 230 components and includes a micro-rotor engraved with the Breva’s signature compass rose icon.

The time is displayed on a smoked translucent sapphire crystal dial with white gold indexes. The speedometer dial is printed with inner speed indexes and an engraved lacquered field with an external speed scale on the bezel (with speed scales in kilometers or miles per hour).

The Génie 03 Speedometer comes on a natural rubber strap with grade 5 titanium pin buckle.
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Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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