Burt Reynolds, an American actor (age 78), who is best known for his role in Smokie and the Bandit, and more recently Boogie Nights, is auctioning 676 personal items and gifts he has received over the years. The auction is run by celebrity specialist auction house Julienslive, and is titled “Property From The Life and Career of Burt Reynolds.”

Custom Timex and Omega watches that were gifted to Burt Reynolds

Currently, there is a 14K Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date (lot 646) that is at $8,500. A Rolex Submariner 16610 (lot 647) that is at $7,000. And two wristwatches with western-style jewelry cuffs. One is a Timex watch face spelling out “Burt Reynolds” on the dial, on a sterling cuff with inset turquoise and coral attached to a metal band. The other is made by Omega and has inset stones coated with a glossy surface. These are sold as a pair (lot 141) and are currently at $1,000. And, there is an 18K pocket watch gifted by Sally Field (lot 649), which is at $4,000.

Burt Reynold’s Rolex Submariner ref. 16610

18K gold pocket watch gifted to Burt Reyonolds by Sally Field

There are also 11 of Reynold’s clocks for sale. The auction ends Thursday December 11th, 2014. View the auction listing here.

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