Chronoexpert is an authenticated watch marketplace that has been in business since 2016 and their motto is “comfortably buy all over the world in your own currency.”

What this means about (based in Spain) is that they’re an intermediary to buying and selling timepieces anywhere in the world. Whether you need to sell your existing timepiece or purchase a pre-owned timepiece, Chronoexpert is designed to help make the process a smooth one.

Rolex Explorer II at Chronoexpert
Rolex Explorer II at Chronoexpert

There are 4 points to consider which distinguish Chronoexpert from unauthenticated marketplaces.

First, they guarantee the security of your transaction from the beginning to with a full SSL certificate. Second, they operate as intermediaries and guarantee that the buyer receives the requested watch and the seller receives the payment. Their team of experts ensures the authenticity of the product. Third, the payment is ensured and they only collect the watch once we have received the buyer’s payment. Never before! The seller knows the amount they will receive from the moment the item is published for sale. Last, to be sure that the buyer is satisfied, they only release the payment once the 14 days return period has passed. And the “Chronoexpert Warranty” gives the customer security over the following 12 months.

Rolex Yellow Gold Day-Date at Chronoexpert
Rolex Yellow Gold Day-Date at Chronoexpert

Common questions about Chronoexpert

Does Chronoexpert take photos for the customer selling their watch?

It depends, if it comes from a private seller, we consign and take the pictures. However, 99% of our watches come from professionals and the pictures are theirs. We can provide them with pictures we take here once the watches go through our offices.

Are your payouts high?

Higher than brick-and-mortar shops, but it really depends on the watch brand.

Chronoexpert Marketplace Summary

From Rolex to Omega to Breitling, the selection at Chronoexpert includes the most well-known brands. A Rolex watch is a commodity and so like any commodity, there will always be people trying to steal your property. This is where an intermediary such as Chronoexpert can help by ensuring the transaction. If you wire money or send your watch to a person you met online – with no verification or authenticity guarantee – you might learn a very costly lesson.

Make sure whether you’re selling a Rolex, Patek Philippe, or a TAG Heuer, that you receive payment. And if you’re buying make sure you receive the watch, and that it’s not a fake. If you wire money to someone you met on a forum, it’s at your own risk. There’s no guarantee, and thefts happen that way all the time.

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