There are many reports online of Seiko chapter ring misalignments, which does not mean that every new Seiko watch has this problem — but it does underscore that there’s a known problem.

Watchmaker Jordan Ficklin previously discussed the Seiko 5 Sports Ref. SRPD77 on camera for Professional Watches, which unfortunately for Seiko, highlights how real the issue is — considering the one they sent us for review arrived with a misaligned chapter ring.

It’s surprising that a company of Seiko’s size lets watches out of the factory, regardless if the factory is located in Japan or China, with such poor quality control tolerances — and yet it continues to happen.

Thankfully there’s a workaround, although it requires a watchmaker to open the case and make the adjustments. And if your watch is within the warranty period, Seiko should be able to make the repair for no charge.

Posted by:Staff