Casio America, Inc. is excited to introduce a new limited-edition collaboration timepiece to its Edifice collection – the ECB40MU-1A. This unique model is the first collaboration between Edifice and Mugen (officially known as M-TEC Company, Ltd.), the iconic Honda Works brand.

 Celebrating Mugen’s 50th anniversary, the ECB40MU-1A embodies the “Speed and Intelligence” philosophy of the Edifice collection and captures the motorsports spirit that Mugen represents. With a rich history spanning F1™, the Isle of Man TT, and numerous elite races in Japan, Mugen has established its legacy in the racing realm. This partnership with Casio’s Edifice, which began with the motorcycle endurance race in 1985, accentuates the shared passion for motorsports.

The design of the ECB40MU-1A showcases the signature colors of Mugen. White, red, and gold details are incorporated in the dial, band loop, and the intricate stitching on the Alcantara leather band, juxtaposed against a sleek black base. The Mugen brand logo, coupled with the distinct Eye Commander logo symbolizing the brand’s spirit, is proudly embossed on the band. Exclusive to this model, the bezel carries an engraving using the font from Mugen’s shift knobs, amplifying its limited-edition charm.

Not just a visual marvel, the ECB40MU-1A brings forward advanced craftsmanship with its carbon fiber-reinforced resin case. Drawing inspiration from the suspension systems of formula race cars, it introduces a unique four-lug design. Adding to its allure, the band is composed of Alcantara, reminiscent of luxury sports car interiors, known for its unmatched durability and breathability.

The ECB40MU-1A is available now for $300 at


Photo by Edifice.

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