Bomberg, the audacious, and extremely popular, new Swiss watch brand, has produced a line extension for their best selling collection – the BOLT-68 (originally launched at Baselworld 2014). This is the watch that converts from a wristwatch to a pocket watch. It’s available in a 45 mm case in quartz and 47.5 mm with an automatic movement. The Baselworld preview we received today, is of four new quartz variations (although I am sure at Baselworld they will launch new automatic models as well).

All the features are the same as the original quartz timepiece which we first showed you HERE, the changes are all aesthetic. They are powered by a Ronda 3540.D quartz caliber with a 54-month batter, and come with a stainless steel upper case with a knurled finish and a stainless steel lower case that allows the upper case to be detached for use as a pocket watch (a medallion and chain are included with all models).

Three of the new variations come in a black PVD steel case with either neon green, blue and pink. The fourth new model comes in a white and rose gold model that features 4N gold PVD plating and accents.

Retail prices range from $995-$1195 for the BOLT-68 quartz models (depending on the material).

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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