The first Frogman dive watch was launched in 1993 and this year G-Shock has created a colorful limited edition version to celebrate 30 years.

The Frogman GWFA1000APF1 30th Anniversary Limited Edition is presented in a large asymmetrical 51.7 mm x 19.7 mm (56.7 mm lug-to-lug) case constructed with a carbon-resin core and a resin exterior. The multi-color bezel is cut from a base material of laminated carbon and glass fibers and features vivid black, orange, and blue-colored stripes, reminiscent of a poison dart frog. All three colors are repeated on the analog dial, orange for the indices and seconds hand, blue for the hour and minute hands, and black for the main dial.

G-Shock Frogman 30th Anniversary Limited Edition GWFA1000APF-1A side

Thanks to the manufacturing process required to create the bezels, no two are alike. And to show off the unique colorway, Casio used translucent resin for portions of the case, to make it appear like the poison dart frog is in its natural aquatic habitat. The off-center tapered, perforated, resin watch strap is printed with polarized ink to evoke the speckled pattern of a frog. Made from highly stain-resistant fluoroelastomer, the strap (which is extra long to fit over a wetsuit) is coated with a polarized paint to create the look of the poison dart frog and changes colors based on light reflection. Flip it over, and the caseback is decorated with a laser-engraved Frogman motif.

G-Shock Frogman GWFA1000APF1 30th Anniversary Limited Edition caseback

The Frogman is a real diving watch and when used with your phone and the G-Shock Connected app, offers a diving log function that can display a timeline display of dive date, time, number of dives, and other info, along with dive location and images taken. Using the app you can track tide point settings, preset major diving spots worldwide, and select from a map, list, and other formats. The watch also has a phone finder and can easily be set via Bluetooth. As a backup for the Bluetooth time sync feature, should your phone not be available, the watch pulls time signals from radio-controlled atomic clocks. Even when the watch cannot sync with Bluetooth or via Multi-Band radio signals, it’s accurate to -/+ 15 seconds per month. The Frogman GWFA1000APF1 30th Anniversary Limited Edition weighs 110 grams, has a slightly domed sapphire crystal, and a screw-down crown, and is compliant with ISO 6425 standards, including being depth rated to 200 meters.

G-Shock Frogman 30th Anniversary Limited Edition GWFA1000APF-1A front

This is a solar-powered Japanese quartz movement, with highly-precise Bluetooth and Multi-band radio-controlled timekeeping and uses dual coil motors to drive the analog hour, minute, and indicator hands for high-speed operation and quick switches between time, dive, tide indicator, dual time, 24-hour day/night indicator, date and other modes, and the watch is equipped with both on-demand LED illumination and painted lume. The battery can run for 5 months on a single charge with normal operation and up to 30 months in power save mode.

The G-Shock GWFA1000APF1 retails for $1,100.


Photos by G-Shock.

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