After offering numerous carbon fiber-enhanced watches, Casio debuted a new fully carbon monocoque case on the occasion of G-Shock’s 40th Anniversary.

The new G-Shock 40th Anniversary Carbon Edition GCWB5000UN comes in two variations, presented in the company’s square-shaped DW-5000 case.

One version is black carbon (Ref. GCWB5000UN-1) and the other is infused with a purple hue (Ref. GCWB5000UN-6). The case, bracelet, bezel, caseback, and other carbon components are manufactured using three different carbon fiber production techniques. This ensures strength, durability, and lightness — and keeps the watch at an accessible price point compared to forged carbon timepieces from luxury brands.

G-Shock 40th Anniversary Carbon Edition GCWB5000UN-1

According to G-Shock, “The 40th Anniversary Carbon Edition takes up this quest with three different carbon materials used for the bezel, the band, and the monocoque case. The bezel and band are made of forged carbon, which can be molded into complex shapes. The clasp’s folding arm is made of multilayer carbon, which boasts a high degree of longitudinal bending strength. The carbon monocoque case is made with carbon fiber-reinforced resin.”

The new models are lightweight, and equipped with solar power, Bluetooth/atomic time syncing, as well as many other standard G-Shock functions. We do not have the official specifications (will be updated once provided). Retail is $2,000.

Learn more at G-Shock.


Photos by G-Shock.

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