Following the release — in Japan only — of the G-Shock AWM-500 last month, United Arrows announced a special edition available to pre-order in November, also in Japan only.

The G-Shock AWM-500 x United Arrows is a special edition throwback based on the AW-500 that was introduced by Casio in 1989 and was the company’s first analog-digital watch.

G-Shock AWM-500 United Arrows box

Taking it a step further, Japanese retailer United Arrows is accepting pre-orders for AWM-500 Re-Editions with a stainless steel case (original was a resin case), solar-powered analog-digital quartz movement (original was battery-powered without solar recharging), radio wave reception for automatic time setting (original had to be set manually), and gold highlights.

1996 G-Shock United Arrows AW-500UA-1E

Interestingly, this model is based on a special version made for United Arrows in 1996. Apart from the new metal case and movement, visually, the new AWM-500 is remarkably faithful to the original 1996 model (Ref. AW-500UA-1E).

G-Shock AWM-500 United Arrows wristshot

The new G-Shock AWM-500 collection measures 47.7 mm × 14.7 mm, with a 55.2 mm lug-to-lug measurement. Retail is approximately $745 (or 77,000 Japanese Yen). Learn more at United Arrows.


Casio releases G-Shock AW-500 Re-Editions

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