John Mayer, Hodinkee, and G-Shock dropped their latest and final collaboration from the three-part Casio keyboard-inspired series today.

Beginning with the first release of the gray G-Shock Ref. 6900 John Mayer in 2020, followed by an off-white collab that came out in 2021, a baby blue model debuted today. All three versions are based on Casio’s classic G-Shock reference 6900 which dates back to 1995 and which features a triple-graph and digital display that features color schemes borrowed directly from Mayer’s beloved Casiotone SK-5 sampling keyboard that he played in his childhood.

Casiotone SK-5 Sampling Keyboard

The 2020 and 2021 versions are no longer for sale from Casio or Hodinkee, however, they can be found on secondary resale sites like eBay, where the white appears to be far more available than the gray, which could suggest the white second version, that was released last year, was made in higher quantities. Although the gray may just be a more appealing model due to its aesthetics, or even just because it was the first in the collaboration.

G-Shock x Hodinkee John Mayer Ref. 6900 Trio

The new “matte dusty blue” version is perhaps the most unique of the trio and is the first to include the peach hue. There’s a good chance this will be even more collectible than the original gray model, considering the distinctive color scheme, however, having the complete three-watch set will surely be the most appealing to a collector.

2022 G-Shock x Hodinkee John Mayer Ref. 6900-PT1

Despite inflation, like the first two, the 2022 G-Shock x Hodinkee John Mayer (Ref. 6900-PT1 DW6900JM22-2) has a retail price of $180. You can purchase one at the G-Shock store in SoHo, at, or at


Photos by Hodinkee.

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