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The Habring Felix and new A11 movement

To celebrate 10 years in business, small Austrain watchmaker, Habring, has developed their first movement. According to the brand, the movement was not only developed in Austria but will also largely be manufactured and assembled there as well. It is called the A11, which refers to “Austria” and the fact that it started development in “2011.”

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Three New Habring² Central Minute Counter Chronographs

Chrono ZM 42 mm (double pusher with central minutes) Austrian watchmaker Habring², has just announced three new central minute counter chronographs. Unlike the configuration seen on the vast majority of chronographs — where the minutes are counted on a small subdial — the Habring Central Minute Chronos count the minutes via a central hand that utilizes the entire dial to indicate the elapsed time. The advantage being that the minutes are much easier to read at a glance. It is not surprising that the same brand who makes affordable timepieces such as a full-time foudroyante (with dead second), a crown operated chronograph and a split-seconds chronograph — produced this.

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Habring² Doppel 2.0 Split-Seconds Chronograph

Austrian watch company Habring², the same guys who made this foudryante and dead seconds timepiece, recently introduced a new split-seconds chronograph – the Habring² Doppel 2.0. Twenty years ago, under the tutelage Günter Blümlein, Richard Habring played a major role in the development of a split-seconds complication, but instead of using a column-wheel based movement, his idea utilized a more affordable and easier to service cam and lever based design. The rear-mounted split-seconds wheel design was granted a patent (DE4209580A). The patent held by Habring's former employer IWC has now expired, and so Habring has produced a timepiece that utilizes the movement design under his own brand name.

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Habring Foudroyante and Dead Seconds

The founder of Austrian watch brand Habring was at my hotel bar in Dresden, Germany a few nights ago and I had a chance to sit down with him to learn about the brand and shoot a short video clip (below) of the Habring Foudryante and Dead Seconds timepiece.

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