In the latest installment of the movie franchise Men in Black, Tessa Thompson (Agent M) and Chris Hemsworth (Agent H) wear Hamilton Ventura wristwatches throughout the movie. Agents M and H are both part of the London-based MIB team.

Thompson, who plays Agent M, wears a quartz Ventura with a black dial, a stainless steel case with that measures in 50.3 mm in length and has a 32.3 diameter, a mineral crystal, and a black leather strap (Ref. H24411732).

Agent M, played by Hemsworth wears a Ventura, with a slightly larger steel case that measures 53.5 mm in length and 34.7 mm, with an open silver dial, an automatic movement featuring an 80-hour power reserve, a premium sapphire crystal, on a brown leather strap (Ref. H24515551).

The new movie Men in Black: International is coming to theaters June 14th, 2019

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