Interestingly, the movement is very similar to what’s in the Sistem 51 but it’s been reversed so you see the mechanics on the dial side, the small seconds hand at 12 o’clock moves counterclockwise, and the automatic winding rotor is clear so the mainspring gets wound without obstructing your view of the movement. And finally, the new Nivachron alloy hairspring made with a titanium base is over 10 times more anti-magnetic than a traditional hairspring.

Three versions of the Swatch Flymagic
Three versions of the Swatch Flymagic, each limited to 500 numbered pieces

While there are 5 patents pending, and a few horologically important developments inside the eccentric 45 mm diameter metal case, particularly in regards to the new titanium-based Nivachron alloy, the real magic is perhaps the magical tenfold price increase over the Sistem 51 ($1,500 vs. $150).

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